Services - Conflict Resolution


"Conflict Resolution" is a formal process used to resolve disagreements between individuals, groups, organizations and other social structures. Conflicts that occur in the workplace are those that we address most frequently at Thomas Resolutions; it is one of our signature services. A conflict, in this context, is a disagreement or dispute that reaches an undesirable level of negativity and cannot be readily resolved. It may stem from a difference of opinion, philosophy, ideology, culture or personality. In such instances, Thomas Resolutions serves as a third party neutral, one who has no personal interest in the existing conflict among the parties, but facilitates a mutually acceptable resolution. It is not uncommon for very knowledgeable and successful professionals to need and request help in identifying the core of a conflict and finding the best way to achieve a sustainable resolution. This is a point at which Thomas Resolutions is able to assist organizations. We help identify the conflict, the factors behind the conflict, and ways to resolve it.


It is commonly accepted that disagreements per se are not unhealthy or negative. Conflict unmanaged or improperly managed, however, can cause situations as minor as a workplace distraction and as major as the polarization of an entire workforce. Such conflict can have a negative impact on the organization’s image and bottom line. We have observed how negative conflict distracts the focus, time, energy and effort of a workforce. We help identify and implement strategies which redirect organizational resources back to their initial use and intent.


In recent years the business world has recognized that in the most extreme and negative situations, workplace disruptions may result from conflict that is unsuccessfully managed. To minimize such results, we advocate that organizations provide a workplace culture and procedures which allow prompt resolution of conflict. Thomas Resolutions brings an objective, third party perspective to these efforts; we help organizations accomplish conflict resolution through the review and analysis of communication systems, human capital policies, and workplace practices. In addition, we offer collaborative fact finding, mediation, and negotiation. We recommend needed changes and help adjust systems as needed.


The actions identified below are characteristics of our approach to conflict resolution. We do the following:

  • Maintain strict confidentiality of company intellectual property and all work products.
  • Exercise and demonstrate fairness, objectivity and balance.
  • Help identify in advance strategies to minimize conflict which may arise during and following organizational change, e.g., mergers and acquisitions.
  • Help employers recognize and respond to nuances of change that may lead to conflict, such as ‘right-sizing’ and other internal reorganization activity.
  • Help identify and Isolate the contributors to interpersonal and organizational conflict that often perpetuate conflict and undermine sustainability of resolutions.
  • Coach employers on how to recognize, acknowledge and manage the dynamics of workforce diversity, its impact and implications for conflict resolution.
  • Provide “cool down techniques” for parties who have reached their tolerance level for workplace conflict, related distraction and disruption.
  • Help Bring closure to individual and organizational conflict with negotiated Agreements, memorializing consensus terms and provisions.


  • Consultation
  • Intense listening
  • Intervention
  • Collaboration
  • Compromise


  • Eliminates distraction from productivity, innovation, and creativity.
  • Improves morale.
  • Reduces personal stress that may lead to illness, injury and absenteeism.
  • Repairs injured feelings.
  • Increases trust.
  • Reduces fear of retaliation and reprisal.
  • Neutralizes workplace factionalism and hostility.
  • Increases volunteerism, participation, and ownership.
  • Facilitates tolerance and respect for different ideas and perspectives.
  • Creates positive image among internal and external stakeholders.

*The basic theories and principles of mediation and arbitration discussed in the context of the workplace are also applicable to family, institutional, and commercial disputes. Thomas Resolutions is available to provide pre-mediation consultation in these circumstances. Let us help you resolve your dispute and identify strategies to better manage conflict in your environment.