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Conflict resolution


"Conflict Resolution" is a formal process used to resolve disagreements between individuals, groups, organizations and other social structures. Conflicts that occur in the workplace are those that we address most frequently at Thomas Resolutions; it is one of our signature services.

A conflict, in this context, is a disagreement or dispute that reaches an undesirable level of negativity and cannot be readily resolved. It may stem from a difference of opinion, philosophy, ideology, culture or personality. In such instances, Thomas Resolutions serves as a third party neutral, one who has no personal interest in the existing conflict among the parties, but facilitates a mutually acceptable resolution.

It is not uncommon for very knowledgeable and successful professionals to need and request help in identifying the core of a conflict and finding the best way to achieve a sustainable resolution. This is a point at which Thomas Resolutions is able to assist organizations. We help identify the conflict, the factors behind the conflict, and ways to resolve it.