Services - Diversity Planning & Evaluation


Executive Coaching is an interactive process which helps professionals reach their full potential in leadership roles. We help the professional, on an individual or small group basis, identify and implement ways to effectively address the challenges of leadership in a dynamic and multi-cultural work environment.

What We Do

We facilitate the identification of barriers to effective communication and interaction among executives and between executives and employees. We help surface issues that may adversely affect individual performance and strategize ways to enhance interaction between peers and staff. We benchmark performance of the executive and that of the organization as a measurement of improvement.


Thomas Resolutions utilizes knowledge and skills from our academic background and lessons learned from broad-based, practical experience in mid-level and senior executive positions. We have worked with corporations, state and local governments, and non-governmental organizations. We draw upon our experience in diversity, EO compliance and oversight to identify practical ways to enhance individual and organizational performance, and to resolve workplace conflict. We work with management to identify and help promote policies that are free of bias and conducive to productive workplace activity. We identify corporate core values, assess to what extent they are reflected in the organization’s business operations and provide feedback for future planning.


As effective management of human capital surfaces to the top of the list of “strengths” of a successful organization, companies recognize that one way to gain this success is to ensure ongoing interaction with the workforce in communicating company goals and the employee’s role in goal achievement. We help design and develop programs for sustainable engagement between executives and their employees.


Thomas Resolutions helps executives personally communicate the goals and mission of their organization through the dialogue process. Direct communication between executives and employees reduces the margin of error between the sender of the message and its recipient. Our coaching techniques help communicate that management values and relies upon the employee’s role in the company. Industry leaders suggest and Thomas Resolutions has found through its practical experience that this can sometimes be a differentiating factor between companies which fare well and those which earn a reputation of acclaim from stakeholders, such as those that are chosen as “Best Places to Work.”

Raising the Bar

Thomas Resolutions provides experienced-based technical assistance not only on effective ways for the executive to interact with the workforce on a routine basis but also during critical workplace events. We help identify existing or potential core conflict issue(s), recommend specific actions and methods to address the issue(s), develop progress indicators and assess the extent to which the concern has been alleviated. From experience we know that workplace issues are complex, sometimes long-standing and may be inadvertently perpetuated by company policies, practices or procedures that are problematic or inconsistently implemented. Strategies to promote inclusion and equity of opportunity, education and awareness, and alignment of expectations of employer and employee are central to the toolbox we offer. We provide policy reviews, individual coaching, small group coaching seminars, and mediation services to help achieve these results.

Thomas Resolutions sees a company as one body with many parts that must be harmoniously calibrated to achieve the highest level of success for the organization and its workforce. The executive plays a key role in this organizational paradigm. We offer our experience and diverse areas of expertise to support your efforts.