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A Conflict Competent Leader is one who is aware of and understands the basic principles of conflict resolution and mediation. He or she is willing to listen to other peoples’ conflicts with empathy, an open mind, and an open heart. A Conflict Competent Leader is one who practices self-awareness as he or she begins to take on the conflict by asking, “….. am I able to be an objective listener to this person’s issue (s), have I prematurely or circumstantially formed an opinion about this individual in a way that I am already biased and therefore, unable to listen objectively. Am I able to place myself in the role of this person and consider his or her issue from their perspective?” After having applied this self-awareness test objectively, a Conflict Competent Leader is ready to respond to a conflict or dispute.

We all know that conflict and disputes will inevitably occur in the workplace for one reason or another. We should expect conflict and disputes as something that is likely to happen in the organization’s day-to-day operation. However, it is beneficial to individuals and the organization to have Conflict Competent Leaders who can minimize the occurrence of or quickly resolve workplace conflict. In doing so, this minimizes the unnecessary costs of workplace disruption, employee absenteeism, poor moral and, potentially, costly litigation.

Thomas Resolutions has accumulated broad experience, specialized skill and expertise in recognizing and helping organizations respond to employer and employee conflict, conflict among employers, and conflict among employees. This enables us to help organizations develop and support conflict competent Leaders, to the benefit of the individual employee as well as the organization and all of its stakeholders.