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What is Human Capital Development

Intellectual property, subject matter expertise, knowledge, skill-sets, and experience which support the work of an organization and enable it to achieve its mission in a cost-effective way are the intended outcomes of human capital development. This includes strategic recruitment, selection, hire, and retention of the ‘right people, at the right time’ meaning that as a collective resource, the workforce enables the organization to meet its mission, and its current and future objectives. Whether the mission is product or service driven, developing, honing and sustaining the core productivity or service capability of an organization is the accelerating business challenge in the American Marketplace today. Leadership that is ‘engaged’ and committed to creating and maintaining an environment where the needed skills and expertise are acquired, continuously enhanced, protected, and rewarded is essential to the successful organization in the 21st century. Executives who possess the ‘talent’ to positively influence this outcome are highly sought after and compensated because of the competitive edge they offer their companies. Their leadership ‘talent’ includes the ability to develop and sustain a workplace culture that stimulates creativity, innovation, and efficiency. Collaborative communications systems and strategies that help build and sustain trusted relationships, internal and external, are pivotal to organizations in this regard.

Human Capital Development is simultaneously among the most important and the most vulnerable areas of an organization’s operation. Sometimes differences regarding the subject as to policy and program escalate to conflicts such that achieving short term and long term goals are compromised. Thomas Resolutions can help in such instances through ...

  • workforce and workplace policy review and analysis,
  • strategic program planning,
  • executive coaching and training,
  • and conflict resolution.

Let us help your organization ‘raise the bar’ by being proactive in anticipating and addressing these issues before they arise or by quickly reconciling them once they surface.