What's New in Conflict Resolution

Successful conflict resolution occurs by listening to and providing opportunities to meet the needs of all parties, and to adequately address interests so that each party is satisfied with the outcome.

Keys to raising the bar in the workplace

Thomas Resolutions offers strategies and assists with resolving conflict or disputes that occur within the workplace between an employer and employee, between one employee and another or between an employee of a company and an agent or representative of an external company, a situation often created by a contractual obligation.

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What is Human Capital Development

Intellectual property, subject matter expertise, knowledge, skill-sets, and experience which support the work of an organization and enable it to achieve its mission in a cost-effective way are the intended outcomes of human capital development.

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What is a conflict competent manager?

A Conflict Competent Leader is one who is aware of and understands the basic principles of conflict resolution and mediation.

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